Sada Sahay Mata High School
Kapoori Village
Pasna P.O.
Allahabad – 212 302
Phone: 09956155777

Manager: Rev. Fr. Titus Lobo
Head Mistress: Sr. Manisha CJ

Medium: Hindi
Board: Uttar Pradesh

A Brief History:
Since 1966 this place was visited by late Rev. Fr. Faustin Alva. In Meja tehsil there was drought in 1966. To help specially the landless people Fr Alva visited the villagers with the scheme of food for work. Fr. Alva was succeeded by Rev. Fr. Eric Pinto who concentrated on the remote area in this tehsil consisting of 5 villages and on his transfer this social work came to a standstill till 1979. In 1980 Rev Fr. Apolin lobo the director of DDWS visited the place. In the same year Meja tehsil was caught up again in drought. After 15 years it was decided to establish a mission station and so land was bought to start a dispensary at Kapoori. The clinic was taken over by the IBMV sisters and Rev. Fr. Avelin D’Silva took charge of the mission and the school. It was blessed by the then bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Baptist Mudartha, on July 4, 1984. Due to Fr. Titus lobo’s untiring efforts the school is upgraded and recognised up to class 10 in the year 2010.

Priest In charges

Rev. Fr Aveline D’Silva 1983-1988
Rev. Fr. Leo Sequeira 1988-1990
Rev. Fr. Mark D’Souza 1990-1996
Rev. Fr. Kevin Pradhan 1996-2000
Rev. Fr. Fr William D’Souza 2000-2001
Rev. Fr. Maria Selvaraj 2001-2007
Rev. Fr. Titus Lobo 2007- to date

Sister Headmistresses

Sr. Gracia 1984-1986
Sr. Antonit 1986-1987
Sr.vineeta 1987-1994
Sr. Celestine 1994-1999
Sr. Lona 1999-2004
Sr. Milani 2004-2007
Sr. Anjana 2007- to date