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Rivers Ganga and Yamuna Rise above the Danger Level
Update on:03-Aug-2013

The two mighty rivers Ganga and Yamuna of Allahabad have been rising warningly for the past few days and crossed their danger marks on Thursday, 1st August 2013. This has revived the memories of dreaded floods of 1978, 1985 and 2003.

DDWS team visited the spot to catch a glimpse of the vast expanse of water. 
Areas like Ashok Nagar, Govindpur, Salori, Om Gayatri Nagar, Jondhwal, Kailashpuri, Katju ki Bagiya, Newada, Unchwa Garhi, Rajapur, Beli Gaon, Naya Purwa, Ganganagar, Balughat and outlying areas of Daryabad were submerged under the flood water of Ganga and Yamuna. Unfortunate more than 25,000 residents watched with disappointment as the rivers swept awaytheir property and belongings. Onthe other hand residents of areas close to Ganga, including Tagore Town, George Town and 
LIC Colony, spent sleepless nights following the threat posed by the rising level of the river.

The Baradari acted as a point for a frontal view of water level in the river. The turbulence of Yamuna completely submerged the historicBaradari at Baluaghat, as residents shifted to safer place. River water hasalready started washing away the temporary huts constructed by the purohits and pandas. 

Flood water of Yamuna also submerged localities near Chachar Nullah and Katehra in Daryabad locality where several houses constructed on the banks of the river were washed away. Besides, flood water has also entered houses in JK Nagar of Kareli locality (Places in Allahabad) even as harried residents fled to safety.

With both the Ganga and the Yamuna increased, more than 10,000 houses in the low-lying areas of Allahabad have been forced to abandon their homes and seek shelter in safer places.

While water level in the Ganga stood 85.320 meters, that Yamuna was recorded at 85.120 meters. The dangers mark is 84.73 meters for both rivers, which have been rising at an average rate of 3 – 5 cm per/hr. Till now there has been no loss of life on account of the floods though heavy damage to crops is likely as about 10,000 hectares of cultivated land have got submerged.

Residents of low-lying localities are either moving to other areas or shifting to upper storeys of their buildings.

The flood has also caused disappointment to pilgrims, as the holy Sangam has become inaccessible and even the famous Hanuman temple situated nearby Ganga is deep in water.

Lots of people are trapped in flood-affected areas and are awaiting arrival of rescue team so that they could leave their submerged houses.

The DM, Mr. Rajshekhar who toured the affected areas on 1st August 2013 issued strict instructions that officials should make arrangements for residents affected by flood at relief camps set up inside schools/colleges where they should be provided food and lodging facilities. Currently only three schools had been turned into shelter homes for the affected people, looking at the situation more shelter points need to be set up at some more schools/colleges for flood-affected people of Jamuna Bank Road, Katghar, Gaughat, Sadiapur and Meerapur. 

DDWS team has planned to distribute food packets to the people by going to the people trapped in flood waters by boat.

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