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Bishop Isidore Resigns
Update on:31-Jan-2013

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Bishop Isidore Fernandes, from the pastoral care of the Diocese of Allahabad, according to Canon Law 401 § 2. He has also appointed Bishop Ignatius Menezes, Bishop Emeritus of Ajmer, as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Allahabad.

This ecclesiastical provision was made public in Rome on Thursday, 31st January, 2013, at noon local time, corresponding to 16:30 hours, Indian Standard Time.

Bishop Isidore is the fourth bishop to resign from his office. Earlier Bishop Angelo Poli (1946), Bishop Raymond D’Mello(1969) and Bishop Alfred Fernandes (1975) too had resigned from the pastoral care of the diocese of Allahabad.

The Apostolic Administrator will take change in February 2013.


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