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Eight More Seminarians Become Deacons
Update on:11-Aug-2013

Eight students of theology fromSt. Joseph’s Regional Seminary, Allahabad belonging to the various dioceses ofNorth India stepped up to the altar of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Allahabad andpledged their total commitment to the Lord during a solemn EucharisticCelebration as they were ordained deacons by Rt. Rev. Dr. Ignatius Menezes, theApostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Allahabad on Sunday, 11thAugust 2013 at 9.30 am. This ceremony of Ordination to the Diaconate was witnessedby more than forty five priests, several other religious persons, parishioners andmany well-wishers from in and around the city of Allahabad. The Bishop in hishomily appealed all the deacons to bear witness to Christ through their faithand by a life of simplicity. The celebration came to end at 12.15 p.m. followedby refreshment for all the people present. Later in the Seminary, Rev. Fr.Francis D’Souza, the Rector congratulated the deacons following which they wereaccorded a floral felicitation too. Their joy further enhanced when they cut thecake and shared it with their companions and others.

The eight seminarians who becamedeacons are Dodiyar Sanjay for Udaipur, Gali Pradeep Kumar for Heralds of GoodNews, M. Deva Sundara Raj for Jhansi, Mandala Shanthi Kumar for Heralds of GoodNews, Melchior Kripal Kumar for Varanasi, Minj Mukhesh Dominic for Meerut, SonwaniJoseph Jaipal for Jaipur and Toppo Charles for Agra.

On the day of diaconate thecandidate is ordained for the service of the altar and thus they receive theseven fold gift of the Holy Spirit to fulfill their ministry. A consecrationprayer by the Bishop is said upon deacons in the following words “may theyexcel in every virtue; in love that is sincere, in common for the sick and thepoor, in unassuming authority, in self discipline and in holiness of life….”Through the diaconate ceremony they become Deacons and represent the church andexercise their responsibilities in the liturgy and worship. They exercise aministry of the love within the community and fulfill certain administrative tasks.In other words, a deacon stands a medium between God and People.


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